Android TV Seller Fined in a Copyright Infringement Case in Singapore

We have clever TVs these days and that they run numerous operating systems, certainly one of them being Android TV. This is usually loaded at the TV itself or through streaming boxes that are linked to a TV. However, a few humans have used these streaming containers to load software program that permits them to […]

Against the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market

I’m speaking to you from the birthplace of democracy about one of the most pressing problems of our time: a key battleground for the defense of our current democracies. A week in the past the European Parliament voted for new rules that endanger the online freedom people all: the Directive on Copyright in the Digital […]

Android TV field supplier fined in landmark copyright infringement case

SINGAPORE: One of two shops charged ultimate January below the Copyright Act for selling Android streaming bins pleaded responsible on Wednesday (Apr 24). Abdul Nagib Abdul Aziz, the employer director of nearby store An-Nahl, become fined S$1,2 hundred after pleading responsible to at least one price of wilfully infringing at the copyright of rights owners […]

How Europe’s War on Social Media Could Impact Hollywood: “This Is a Complete Paradigm Shift”

The EU’s new copyright ruling threatens to keep virtual giants like Facebook and YouTube answerable for content material published through customers. It’s a win for artists, but a few say the EU (and perhaps America?) goes too far. In March, in towns across Europe, hundreds of lots of protesters, maximum of them young people, took […]

Strange Things Happening? How Implied-In-Fact Contracts May Succeed Where Copyright Infringement Claims Can’t Do So

Having grown up through high school and college within the Nineteen Eighties, it must come as no wonder that I am partial to the Netflix collection Stranger Things. Part 80s retro-nostalgia, part technological know-how fiction-mystery blended with a healthy dose of paranormal thriller, the collection revolves around a set of teens residing in the fictional […]

In Your Face: How Facial Recognition Databases See Copyright Law But Not Your Privacy

As generation evolves, it appears that evidently more than people are recognizing other humans’ faces. From cell phones the usage of facial identification as an unlocking mechanism to Facebook’s detection of faces in snapshots on its platform, facial recognition is quickly turning into a part of normal existence. Unfortunately, the way that these datasets have […]

Leaders hint Poland will no longer fully follow EU copyright law

Poland’s right-wing leaders hinted Saturday they’ll not completely put in force the European Union’s new copyright reform, saying it stifles freedom of speech. Ruling birthday party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said Saturday that a copyright directive followed with the aid of EU lawmakers this week threatens freedom. The bloc’s 28 nations have a few two years […]

We’ve been warned approximately AI and track for over 50 years, however no one’s prepared

AI is able to make a track, but does that make AI an artist? As AI begins to reshape how the song is made, our legal structures are going to be confronted with a few messy questions concerning authorship. Do AI algorithms create their personal work, or is it the human beings at the back […]

Comic sues, however funny story’s on copyright regulation

Did you hear the one approximately the comedy writer who’s using US talk-display host Conan O’Brien for allegedly stealing his jokes? It’s the state-of-the-art case of innovative types – from UK band Radiohead to software giant Oracle – the usage of copyright protections to block others from building on their smart however regularly spinoff thoughts. […]