Banks Can’t Snub Crypto Startups Thanks to France’s New Blockchain Law

Among advanced nations, France’s new method to regulated cryptocurrency and blockchain organizations can pretty be defined as avant-garde. In perhaps the most placing instance, the regulatory framework drafted by using Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the united states’ monetary markets overseer, objectives to get rid of a longstanding point of contention confronted by using such […]

We Need to Reassess the Schooling That Judges Receive

Last October, the Supreme Court, in a duo motu writ petition, directed all states to provide statistics concerning the procedure of appointments to the better and decrease judicial services. While taking inventory of the numbers, it changed into found out that five,133 sanctioned posts in the subordinate judiciary had been lying vacant. On what can […]

Does Prince Charles Have a Favorite Daughter in Law?

Although Prince Charles only raised sons all through his lifetime, in the past numerous years, he has won daughters-in-law. Since the public has continually been interested in relationships among royals, it’s now not surprising that many people are also thinking whether Prince Charles would possibly decide upon one duchess over the other. So does Prince […]

RGNUL Wins 1st RGNUL Sports & Entertainment Law National Mediation Competition

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Cell (ADRC) of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, in affiliation with the Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Team (PACT), Delhi, organized the primary version of RGNUL Sports & Entertainment Law National Mediation Competition from 12 to fourteen April. The occasion became supported by way of the Punjab State Legal Services […]

The SC Is Exceeding Its Brief as the Apex Judicial Organ in the NRC Case

Previously, I have written approximately the more than one procedural irregularities that have characterized the Supreme Court’s NRC case: using sealed covers, consequential selections being taken in closed-door hearings and the bench’s worrying disregard for due method rights. In the path of this years-lengthy proceeding, the court docket has far surpassed its short as the […]

The Quick Read About… Russia’s New Internet Law

Last week, Russia’s parliament approved a regulation that could allow the user to cordon off its internet from the rest of the world, growing an extraordinary “sovereign” internet. Russian President Vladimir Putin is predicted to signal it in quick order. Why It Matters: It matters because if Russia is able to tug this off (a […]

FIFA launches new Diploma in Football Law

As part of an on-going effort to proportion expertise with sports activities regulation experts around the world, FIFA is launching a new Diploma in Football Law in collaboration with the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES). The Diploma is designed for sports executives, either operating inside the felony department of a FIFA Member Association, keeping […]

Kim Kardashian’s budding regulation career takes superstar hubris to a whole new degree

I currently met a well-known actor at a celebration, and we talked, as one frequently does with hit actors, approximately his paintings. Eventually, he asked me what I did, so I advised him. “Journalist, eh? I’ve constantly notion I’d be instead properly at that,” he responded. And maybe he would be because, let’s be honest, […]

Is It Possible to Violate the Law of Conservation of Energy?

Anyone who had Science as a subject in excessive college should have heard approximately the time period “Law of conservation of Energy.” Basically, it tells you that power can’t be created or destroyed; it could handiest be transferred from one shape to every other. The definition fits so properly into our everyday lives whilst you […]