MADRID — An armed group attacked the North Korean Embassy in Madrid last month and then fled. Neighbors said listening to a woman’s screams, however, the embassy did now not need to talk about the occasions with the Spanish police.
On Tuesday, the tale got even stranger.
A Mexican man who lives within the United States led the raid and later offered fabric stolen from the embassy to the F.B.I., a Spanish decide to investigate the case stated.
In a precis of his research, José del. A. Mata, a choose of Spain’s national courtroom, identified the chief of the crowd as Adrian Hong Chang, who he said had escaped, through Portugal, to America. An American citizen, recognized as Sam Ruy, become additionally concerned within the Feb. 22 assault, he stated.
The choose later issued worldwide arrest warrants for both suspects, according to reliable from the courtroom.
In his file, Judge de la Mata defined how Mr. Hong Chang approached the embassy inside the center of the afternoon, asking to talk with Yun Sok So, an authentic in its economics branch.
He used a false business card, identifying himself as Matthew Chao, a “managing accomplice” in a company he called Baron Stone Capital. Mr. Hong Chang and nine others then attacked the embassy employees with knives, machetes, metallic bars and pretend pellet weapons, it all acquired in Madrid in the days earlier than, the decide stated.
The North Korean economics reliable suffered “several accidents” throughout the attack, in step with the decide’s report. While attacking him, the assailants attempted to persuade the reputable to abandon his country, the choose stated. They told him that they have been “contributors of affiliation or movement for human rights for the liberation of North Korea,” consistent with the decide’s report.
The institution held embassy personnel hostage, a few with their palms tied behind their again and a bag placed over their head. The assailants escaped from the compound approximately five hours later, the use of three motors stolen from the embassy, the judge reported.
Mr. Hong Chang left for Lisbon after which boarded an aircraft to Newark Liberty International Airport, where he landed on Feb. 23, consistent with Judge de la Mata. He stated that Mr. Hong Chang got in touch with the F.B.I. And supplied to share “audiovisual material” obtained at some stage in the embassy assault.
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According to the decide’s file, the organization stole numerous gadgets from the embassy, including pen drives, computers and tough drives that possibly contained security footage, and a cellphone.
The Spanish judge did not speak where the 10 assailants should now be, but he stated that they had initially split into 4 agencies after escaping from the Madrid embassy. Arrest warrants have no longer yet been issued for eight of the 10 suspects, even though the choose diagnosed considered one of them as a South Korean citizen, Woo-Ram Lee.
In an assertion, the F.B.I. Stated: “It is our popular exercise to neither verify nor deny the existence of an investigation.’’

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