A celebrity NFL player has been barred from his team over suspicion that he abused his 3-yr-antique son. The Kansas City Chiefs say extensive receiver Tyreek Hill cannot participate in any crew sports, inclusive of offseason exercises. On a newly launched audiotape, people said to be Hill and his fiancee talk a police investigation into the kid’s broken arm. On the tape, Hill’s fiancee accuses Hill of inflicting the harm.
Joining us now is NPR’s Tom Goldman. Hi, Tom.
SHAPIRO: Catch us up on the heritage of this story. I apprehend prosecutors, to begin with, said they would now not file any prices in this ability case of toddler abuse.
GOLDMAN: That’s proper. The DA stated he thinks against the law became devoted against the kid, simply could not prove who did it. So on Wednesday of this week, there had been no charges filed in opposition to Hill or his fiancee, who I have to add is also now pregnant with twins.
SHAPIRO: And now there’s this audiotape. Describe in which it got here from and what is in it.
GOLDMAN: Yeah. It emerged the day after the prosecutor made his announcement about no fees. It became first played on a local TV station in Kansas City Casey, KCTV. And it becomes described as a tape made in March even as Hill and his fiancee, Crystal Espinal, were strolling thru the Dubai International Airport. Now, we haven’t independently established that it’s sincerely Hill and Espinal, however, the tape is available; no person has denied its authenticity. In reality, the Chiefs, Hill’s team, say they may be deeply disturbed through what is on it.
The whole tape is set eleven minutes long. We have a couple of short excerpts. On this primary one, Espinal seems to accuse Hill of breaking their son’s arm. Hill speaks first, and the kid’s name, I have to say, is bleeped out on the tape.
TYREEK HILL: I failed to do nothing.
CRYSTAL ESPINAL: Then why does (beep) say, Daddy did it? Why? Why does (beep) say, Daddy did it?
HILL: I don’t know. He says Daddy does a lot of things.
ESPINAL: Like what?
HILL: A lot of things.
ESPINAL: A three-12 month-old’s now not going to lie approximately what occurred to his arm.
GOLDMAN: Now, Ari, in this subsequent clip, Hill appears to threaten Espinal. Here it is.
ESPINAL: He is afraid of you. And you say that he respects you, but it’s now not admired.
HILL: He respects me.

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