The Gulshan Society Traffic Management Committee hosted the event, for 200 human beings, on Thursday

Gulshan Society Traffic Management Committee has hosted a visitors regulation recognition software—aimed toward decreasing sound pollution because of honking, coaching drivers exact using practices, and elevating awareness approximately site visitors laws—in Gulshan.
“Reducing congestion internal our neighborhood calls for the involvement of more than one stakeholders. It is as much as automobile owners to ensure their drivers have acquired their licenses thru professional exams. We ought to ensure that drivers themselves no longer simplest recognize the laws, however, observe them, too,” Gulshan Society Traffic Management Committee convener Shayaan Seraj stated in a press launch.
“Police play an important position in enforcement. In my opinion, if each one folk plays a function in our own neighbourhoods—thru continuous neighborhood consciousness packages—we will step by step make enhancements to the visitors float on roads across the state. Furthermore, horns should not be used unnecessarily,” he introduced.
Dhaka Metropolitan Police Traffic North supplied strategic help for the program, with Deputy Commissioner Probir Kumar Roy, Additional Deputy Commissioner Zakir Hossain, and Additional Commissioner Moin Islam in attendance.
Thursday’s occasion becomes subsidized via Paramount’s O Natural, with volunteers from groups established in Gulshan inclusive of ABC, Aqua Paints, Elite Garments, Elite Steel, Pathao and Rahimafrooz.
There had been extra than two hundred participants on the occasion.

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