Seven motorists who were arrested by the Edo State Traffic Control Management Agency (EDTA) for contravening visitors regulations and regulations in Benin City have finished one-of-a-kind forms of a network carrier, as punishment for his or her offense.
Head of Operations, EDTA, Osamuyi Macaulay, in a chat with reporters, said the network service is a new measure delivered with the aid of the employer to deter motorists from flouting visitors guidelines and rules.
He said whilst traffic offenders are arrested, they’ll be made to undergo network provider including sweeping, cleaning of drainage, amongst other options, including that different measures that will be introduced will include the price of fines.
“This is a brand new initiative and it’s going to continue. Later, different measures like impounding cars and paying fines may be introduced. This is the first time we are embarking in this,” Macaulay mentioned.
Among the motorists who finished the network provider include Mr. Austin Nfere, Monday Ibuedefe, and Endurance Joseph.
Mr. Austin Nfere said after being proven video evidence of him floating site visitors policies, he pleaded responsible to the offense and served out his punishment.
Monday Ibuedefe stated he has learned a vital lesson and could exercising endurance going ahead so as now not to fall foul of visitors laws.
Another site visitors perpetrator, who has also finished the network service, Endurance Joseph, counseled EDTSMA for now not extorting money from site visitors defaulter. “The choice of community carrier is maximum welcome, as it might make sure that human beings face punishment for breaking the law alternatively of buying their manner out,” he said.

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