AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine’s Attorney General penalized an organization selling vaping merchandise online on Wednesday for breaking kingdom regulation.
Attorney General Aaron Frey took motion in opposition to “Cloud-E-Daze,” a Maine Limited Liability Company doing enterprise as an internet vaping store.
Cloud-E-Daze sold vaping merchandise online, unaware that below Maine law vaping merchandise fall inside the definition of tobacco products.
In Maine, tobacco merchandise, including vaping merchandise that contains nicotine, cannot be sold online They must be offered in a face-to-face transaction.

Cloud-E-Daze settled the Attorney General’s worries via taking down its web page and paying a $2,000 nice.
A Facebook web page for the corporation seems to still exist as of Saturday afternoon.

“Vaping may be very popular with teenagers and regularly ends in addiction and a lifetime of smoking,” stated Frey. “We are listening to from teachers and parents from all regions of Maine that vaping is rampant with teenagers. My workplace will hold to work hard to prevent teenagers get admission to smoking materials of any type.”
Attorney General Frey also recommended Amber Desrosiers, the Office of the Attorney General’s Tobacco Enforcement Coordinator, for her work on this case.

PORTLAND, Maine — In the hours after a shooting killed one man or woman at a California synagogue Saturday, Maine’s Jewish community weighed in on the violence at the west coast.
The Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine posted on its Facebook page: “White supremacy and anti-Semitism must take delivery of no sector. We need to maintain to paintings until this can not appear again.”

The assault on the synagogue in San Diego comes six months to the day after a shooting killed several humans at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Penn.
The Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine additionally posted on its Facebook page.
Saturday was the final day of the Jewish vacation, Passover.
Police in Maine has not indicated any expanded safety features at Jewish homes of worship.

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