A few weeks in the past, a Palestinian youngster turned into a shot and significantly injured by way of Israeli squaddies as he tried to flee their custody — despite the truth that he was already handcuffed and blindfolded. Osama Hajahjeh became among a collection of Palestinian youths who were arrested for throwing stones at Israeli squaddies within the West Bank village of Tuqu’.
Earlier this month Israeli troops additionally arrested Zein Idris, a 9-yr-antique Palestinian boy, at his school within the West Bank metropolis of Hebron and held him at a close-by military base for below an hour.
A video clip, recorded via human rights campaigner Aref Jaber, suggests Israeli squaddies in the elementary school trying to eliminate Zein Idris and his more youthful brother, 7-12 months-old Taim, as instructors and the college predominant try to prevent the squaddies from taking the boys.
At one factor, a soldier threatens to break a teacher’s arm if he doesn’t permit pass of Zein. Zein changed into in the end taken away to a navy automobile and become held at a close-by navy base for simply under an hour, in step with the college.
Osama and Zein are simply of the heaps of Palestinian children who’ve been detained, injured, or maybe killed by way of Israeli military over time for throwing rocks. “Arresting children here is turning into normal,” Jaber, the human rights activist, advised CNN.
But youngsters being detained is a ways from “ordinary.”
“The state of affairs at the floor inside the Occupied Palestinian Territories, with more than 5 many years of Israeli navy profession, is that of a perpetual human rights crisis with extreme impact on children’s rights, who’re victims of unlawful killings, arbitrary detention, and collective punishment regulations such as home demolitions,” Saleh Hijazi, deputy local director for the Middle East and North Africa at Amnesty International, informed me.
Children as younger as nine are being detained for throwing rocks
Each year about 500-seven-hundred Palestinian youngsters, some as young as 12, are detained and prosecuted inside the Israeli military courtroom system. The most not unusual fee is stone-throwing, in step with Defence for Children International-Palestine (DCI-P).
Israeli army regulation allows everybody 12 or older to be imprisoned. But consistent with Bill Van Esveld, a senior researcher for the Children’s Rights Division at Human Rights Watch, stone throwing is “also taken into consideration a ‘protection’ crime under Israeli military regulation, this means that that Palestinian children accused of stones throwing might also even be deprived of sure criminal protections.”
In 2015, Israeli lawmakers pushed forward stricter consequences that directly targeted Palestinian children. Amendments to the Israeli penal code protected “a ten-year sentence for throwing a stone, or another item, at traffic, without cause to purpose injury, and 20 years for throwing a stone, or different item, at site visitors with a purpose to purpose harm.”
In the video posted by CNN of Idris’s arrest at college, you may listen to one Israeli soldier pronouncing, “The youngster threw a stone. It doesn’t be counted what age he is.”

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