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Indian courtroom asks the government to ban TikTok downloads as it ‘encourages pornography’
by using Ivan Mehta — 23 days in the past in India
Indian court asks the government to prohibit TikTok downloads because it ‘encourages pornography’
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Yesterday, the Madras High Court, situated within the southern Indian metropolis of Chennai, directed the user’s vital government to prohibit TiKTok, the popular video advent app from Chinese large Bytedance. The courtroom stated that the app “encourages pornography” and “the future of the children and mindset of the youngsters are spoiled.“
The courtroom’s meantime order also asked local media not to broadcast any videos shared thru TikTok. More importantly, it sought a reaction from the government as to whether the authorities intend to introduce a regulation to protect children from cyber crimes

Even after that [the Blue Whale Challenge], the officials have now not discovered that they need to be alert with reference to this kind of problems. Only whilst the officers and policymakers are alive to the problems of society, the choice will be taken to prevent this type of cyber programs.
In reaction, TikTok has said that it’s watching for an authentic order from the court docket, and could take motion after an internal evaluate:
At TikTok, we are devoted to abiding by neighborhood laws and guidelines. We fully comply with the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011. We are presently anticipating the authentic order by the Honourable High Court of Madras and once obtained, we will assess and take appropriate movement concerning this to be counted. Maintaining a safe and fantastic in-app environment at TikTok is our priority. We have robust measures to shield users in opposition to misuse, defend their privacy and virtual well-being.
In February, the southern kingdom of Tamil Nadu changed into making plans to ban the app, alleging that it reasons “cultural degradation” and cyberbullying. TikTok‘s cyberbullying problem isn’t just restricted to India. A BuzzFeed document published in 2018 referred to that numerous teens within the US confronted hateful comments on their movies.
Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF), an Indian cyberlaw corporation, announced that it plans to approach the excessive court and make submissions on behalf of internet customers of us of a. It also said that “banning a software and prohibiting may be a clear case of overreach.”
IFF’s director, Apar Gupta, advised TNW that it’s vital to have conversations about children’s safety on the net:
While TikTok has its honest share of problems with cyberbullying an explicit content, banning it gained’t resolve the larger query round cyber safety of youngsters. It’s crucial that the government, technology agencies, and mother and father have an open conversation round this topic for a higher resolution.
There’s additionally the question of execution. The authorities may additionally ask Google and Apple to take the app off their app shops to throttle downloads, however as we’ve visible with the porn ban last 12 months, such measures are without difficulty circumvented.

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