Despite main political shifts in all corners of the globe, the international order itself has now not changed much over the last 70 years. The global powers nevertheless in large part resemble the submit-World War II victors and that they stay the dominant players shaping international politics. The decision through America to rescind visas for personnel of the ICC is, however, one indicator that a number of the global powers choose to perform out of doors of the norms and regulations furnished for through International law.
Some South African analysts have criticized South Africa’s diplomatic stances on the subject of Palestine, Venezuela, and Western Sahara. One of the reviews at the South African stance on Western Sahara become penned shortly after a few think-tanks traveled to Morocco and met with key individuals linked to the Moroccan government. An analyst also recommended that South Africa is ‘siding with the satan’ on the subject of its stance on Venezuela.
In the mild of this clear mobilization of bias in opposition to the positions taken by using South Africa it is really worth re-pointing out what informs South Africa’s positions in those conditions. With regards to Western Sahara and Palestine, South Africa’s positions are guided by the truth that both Palestine and Western Sahara are occupied territories in phrases of worldwide regulation. The equal worldwide felony framework also classifies Palestine and Morocco as occupying powers on the subject of these occupied territories.
With regards to the situation in Venezuela, South Africa is likewise guided through global regulation. As indicated in South Africa’s Explanation of Vote on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), South Africa is not detached to the humanitarian scenario in Venezuela and could work with all stakeholders to make sure that humanitarian useful resource reaches those most in need. What South Africa is cautioning in opposition to, is the overt try by way of the United States, a few European and Latin American international locations to use the humanitarian crisis as a way to impact an unconstitutional change of presidency that is illegal underneath international regulation. The use of force and the danger of the use force is likewise illegal below global regulation outdoor of the provisions in Chapter VII of the UN Charter. Any use force inside the situation in Venezuela might no longer meet the thresholds for legality.
Those vital of the stances of South Africa when it comes to the 3 conditions cited above are in essence important of steerage supplied by using worldwide regulation.
A foreign coverage role guided with the aid of international regulation affords for a level of truth on a way to interact in volatile and complex situations. Hegemony centered overseas policy stances that aspect-step global regulation frameworks make the pacific resolution of conflicts more difficult.
State action by way of powerful countries inclusive of the USA has arguably constantly foregrounded the use of difficult power to obtain its foreign policy goals. This is frequently done via unlawful use of pressure and unilateral sanctions. Both are commissioned with impunity and brush aside for global regulation.
To illustrate the intersection of power, global regulation and international accountability its useful to observe the US stance on widely wide-spread jurisdiction. In an editorial entitled, “The Pitfalls of Universal Jurisdiction” written in 2001, Henry Kissinger, a former US Secretary of State suggested that measures that are looking for to make Heads of State and senior public officers chargeable for potential crook movements turned into akin to lowering heads of state to the extent of common outlaws.

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