An Illinois man who was arrested for violating traffic laws at the same time as speeding his one-12 months-vintage daughter to the health center has been bailed out of prison by means of a group of nurses.
Darius Hinkle unwittingly induced a car chase on Thursday as he sped to the health facility at over a hundred miles per hour due to the fact his daughter turned into choking on a penny.
‘The first element in my thoughts was to get her to the clinic,’ the daddy instructed FOX2.
Several squad cars have been on his tail after they arrived at Touchette Regional Hospital in Centreville, wherein Hinkle changed into taken into custody after officials learned he did not have a legitimate license.

After the daughter was handled and released, Hinkle’s wife, Donecia Pittman, went to the prison to put up his bond – however, a person had overwhelmed her to it.
A female at the station informed Pittman that she and different nurses had been touched by means of Hinkle’s dedication to his daughter’s wellbeing and pooled their cash to publish his bond.
‘I cannot thank them sufficiently,’ Hinkle stated.
The names of the nurses have no longer been launched, and it’s far doubtful how plenty Hinkle’s bond cost.
Several members of the network have expressed frustration on social media with the Centreville police officers who arrested the dad after learning the reason he’d violated the law.
Hinkle himself wrote on Facebook: ‘How could saving anyone lifestyles (my daughter at that) [be] worth going to prison over?’
He stated that one of the officers had informed him they would have completed the same issue in that state of affairs.

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