Every second, one lady in India gets tricked to be a sufferer of cyber crimes and the web platform is now the new platform where a girl’s dignity, privateness, and protection is increasingly more being challenged every second. Trolling, abusing, threatening, stalking, voyeurism, frame-shaming, defaming, surveillance, revenge porn and different forms of indecent illustration of girls is rampant within the cyber international. In cyber crimes in opposition to ladies, the impact is extra intellectual than bodily whilst the focus of the legal guidelines making sure ladies safety is more on physical than intellectual damage. It is proper that the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) of India does not preserve any separate file of cyber-crimes in opposition to girls. Technology is the resource utilized by a few perpetrators who goal to defame women through sending obscene WhatsApp messages, electronic mail, stalking women with the aid of the use of chat rooms, web sites, and worst of all through developing pornographic motion pictures, in general created without their consent, spoofing e-mails, morphing of pix for pornographic content material through the usage of various software to be had online. Indian girls are not capable of file cyber crimes right now as they’re now not honestly conscious as to in which to record such crimes or are not serious about reporting the identical due to the social embarrassment they don’t want to face. Their mindset needs to increase and that they must be the whip to reduce down by way of taking derring-do in opposition to such perpetrators, that is to move ahead and resort an instantaneous criticism. Most of the issues can be solved if ladies document the crime immediately and warn the abuser approximately taking robust prison movement.
Cyber crimes incept commonly through fake ids created on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms inflicting grave harm to girls, as via those systems, main blackmailing, threatening, bullying, or dishonest via messenger messages and e-mail are carried out by way of perpetrators. Ill-intentioned guys perpetrate these cyber-crimes with malafide purpose including unlawful advantage, revenge, an insult to the modesty of a lady, extortion, blackmailing, sexual exploitation, defamation, incite hate against the network, prank satisfaction of gaining manage and to steal facts.
Some of the major well-known cyber crimes have put hundreds of women into numerous health issues which include depression, hypertension and women are afflicted by tension, heart sickness, diabetic and thyroid ailments because of e-harassment.
Major cyber crimes are as below:
Cyberstalking: Cyberstalking is on the rise and girls are the most in all likelihood objectives. Cyberstalking is a way to use the Internet to stalk a person for online harassment and online abuse. A cyberstalker does now not have interaction in direct bodily hazard to a victim but follows the sufferer’s online hobby to gather data, make threats in special sorts of verbal intimidation. The anonymity of online interaction reduces the hazard of identification and makes cyberstalking extra commonplace than bodily stalking.
Defamation: Cyber defamation consists of each libel and defamation. It involves publishing defamatory records about the individual on an internet site or circulating it a number of the social and friends circle of victims or organization that is a clean approach to destroy a female’s popularity through inflicting her grievous intellectual suffering and ache.

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