The fund, which now has a reserve of 4800 billion yuan, might be decreased to 0. In 2050 best one energetic worker will aid a pensioner. After a long time of imposition at the One Child Law, the authorities now helps the delivery charge, however without success.

Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) – By 2035 the state pension fund will be exhausted due to the decreased body of workers da direct end result of the one-toddler coverage.
A document via the Center for Social Security inside the World, a branch of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, warns that the pension fund of the city workers, one of the pillars of the Chinese state pension system, had a reserve of 4800 billion at the end of 2018 of yuan (approximately 633 billion euros). It is anticipated that in 2027 it’s going to upward push to its most point, at 7000 billion yuan (approximately 933 billion euros), however in 2035 it will likely be decreased to 0.
According to the Center, funded with the aid of the State, by way of 2050, the difference between contributors and people who advantage from it can create a shortfall of 11 thousand billion yuan (approximately 1450 billion yuan), when you consider that there might be handiest one employee according to the pensioner.
The document confirms what many Chinese demographers had been pronouncing for a long time: that due to the restrictions on births, within the destiny the system of kingdom pensions could be impractical.
In 2018, 249 million Chinese had reached 60 and have been entitled to assert a pension, approximately 18% of the population.
In the latest years, the authorities have tried to encourage births but without achievement.
China’s social protection guidelines require employers to pay up to 20 in keeping with cent of their personnel’ salaries into the authorities pension fund, even as personnel is required to make contributions eight in step with cent of their wages. But at the same time as the contribution charges are obligatory, enforcement has been lax, with local governments permitting small companies to pay much less to make certain that they keep high employment. But this additionally happens with large industries. Last month, to revitalize the economy, the Council of State decreed to lessen the contributions of companies to sixteen%. But this is going to cut in additional revenue to the pension fund.

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