Q: I pay attention that many police officers’ marriages lead to divorce. What do you believe you studied is the purpose for all the ones divorces? — Patty
A: Jokingly I could say marriage however in all seriousness, there are numerous elements. I do now not mean to sound chauvinistic with my solutions however I will stick with cop-husband and difficult-running wife so that this article does no longer get perplexing with the he-she factor at every turn.
I suppose the biggest element for divorce is the reality that a cop and his family are news. That method that if a cop’s wife receives into trouble, it’s far front-page news. A wife of a cop has to look at what she does in her private lifestyles because people judge a cop-wife as a good deal as they judge police officers on- or off-obligation. I recognize many a police officers’ spouse who did no longer want to listen she had to watch what she did always.
Another huge thing is that police officer do not continually paintings 9 to 5. We could get a case a half-hour before we are scheduled to head home and emerge as spending hours trying to clear up it.
The vacation aspect performs some other role towards that as nicely. Spending the holidays alone even as the cop-husband is out defusing holiday troubles can create a completely miserable scenario. We additionally every so often leaves out on a number of our youngster’s activities and that may thing into a feeling of job-over-existence attitude. I realize most law enforcement officials attempt their toughest to see their youngsters’ sports and spend time with them.
Another aspect is the carnage and incidents we see that can’t be defined to the spouse. We can tell our better halves about maximum situations we deal with but there are some devastating occasions or top-mystery plans that we can not. This, I believe, results in mistrust with the aid of the wife that maybe the husband may be hiding something.
Cops additionally face groupies. Yes, consider it or not, there are ladies accessible who just like the concept of being with a cop even though that cop is married. I actually have heard of police officers being stalked by way of girls that they’ve helped because the ones girls experience just like the cop is a knight in shining armor (or blue uniform). This can make for a mistrusting marriage.

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