Manal al-Sharif has spent this month riding across America, calling on Saudi Arabia to give up what she calls its war on ladies. Al-Sharif made information 8 years ago whilst she recorded and uploaded a video of herself riding in Saudi Arabia when ladies have been prohibited from that through regulation. She becomes arrested and imprisoned for 10 days. It is now legal for girls to force in Saudi Arabia. Many who campaigned for that right are nevertheless at the back of bars. There are reports that human rights abuses in opposition to them persist.
Manal al-Sharif ended her journey in Washington, D.C., this week and joins us now. Thanks a lot for being with us.
MANAL AL-SHARIF: Thanks, Scott, for having me.
SIMON: Why pressure throughout the USA? What do you wish to demonstrate with that?
AL-SHARIF: Oh, the satisfactory area for me to force and bring media attention is within the united states of our largest best friend of Saudi Arabia…
SIMON: Yeah.
AL-SHARIF: …Which is the United States? And we’ve got the first girl ambassador inside the records of Saudi Arabia. And she’s assigned here in D.C.
SIMON: Well, and you stood outdoor the embassy on Friday, as I understand it. Any reaction from within the embassy you saw?
AL-SHARIF: There changed into a response on Twitter. Their spokesperson, at the same time as I became using across united states, he welcomed the possibility of my meeting with the new ambassador.
SIMON: Is there any threat you may meet with the Saudi ambassador?
AL-SHARIF: I am ready to fulfill her with the circumstance they launch the women rights activists, who were also to be thankful for their paintings in relation to ladies’ rights in my u. S.
SIMON: It sounds as if you’re worried that any such meeting simply is probably used for the current regime to expose that they are trying to exchange things without sincerely doing so.
AL-SHARIF: When I become analyzing the statement, I changed into, like, very careworn due to the fact the statement in English – they acknowledge that pressure, and that they invite me to satisfy her. And they knew the power becomes to – for the ladies’ rights activists in prison. They knew that.
So they tweeted in Arabic something completely different, that – they’re pronouncing I don’t represent them, and I have no right to speak about them. So that was difficult for me. Like, you invite me in English, and in Arabic, you absolutely have a one-of-a-kind assertion.
SIMON: Did you have some hopes whilst Mohammed bin Salman became a crown prince in 2017?

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